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Described as bold, unorthodox, vibrant, and evocative, the "GLENGARRY BHOYS" hybrid of Canadian Highland Scots and French Canadian musical idioms has evolved into a sound that is weighty, authoritative, and extremely entertaining.

Their energy and good humor, as much a part of the show as their musicianship, crosses all cultures and ages. Many things have been written and reported about this world renown Canadian alt-celt group over that last decade, all depicting their musical and entertaining prowess with varied audiences the world over, but their ability to marshal large enthusiastic audiences show after show is legion and recognized.

Their objective is simple yet evocative, as stated by their lead singer Graham Wright in a CBC "Fresh Air" interview: "if our audience can only get 10% of the satisfaction we get entertaining them - then we surpass objective". Accordingly and repeatedly, they do!!

From a small Scots-French-Canadian enclave in Eastern Ontario, these Celtic-Stompers, always pushing the musical envelope but never straying too far from the traditional whence they came, have earned a reputation as entertainers that challenge you to sit still during their engaging performances.

Go ahead and try!


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For over a decade, Emish have been performing throughout north America providing a traditional blend of Irish Rock, and Punk to Symphony Orchestra styles. Emish has toured as far as Europe and Japan honing their skills preparing for the American festival market.

With their versatility and well-seasoned skills, combined and with a stomping energy coupled with their off-stage charisma, Emish has been making fans from coast to coast. Their music styles range from traditional Irish with their own original to all out Celtic rock.

Although Emish tours regularly throughout the country, they still hold tight to their roots back home and have been honored with being voted the “Best Band of the Hudson Valley” for two years. In only five years since their conception, Emish has already recorded two albums with their debut CD “This Light” selling over 8,000 copies.

Whether they are playing on the main stage at festivals or theatres, Emish brings and energy packed show where ever they go, leaving their fans asking for more.